Friday, August 23, 2013

Sunny Sixteen +

 We have two volunteer sunflowers this year (thanks, squirrels!)
 This is Big Sunny
 Bees love Big Sunny :-)
 Tracking the mid-day sun
Love these flowers!
Li'l Sunny is starting to open today!
 Our little Rosie is thriving!
 Happy little flowers :-)
G-Man, our garden gnome, hanging out with Rosie

We still have a few daisies out front, too!
 This big bee loves our cypress vine!
 These petunias were in our small hanging basket, and in a bad way. I put them out back in the corner of our tomato bed. A week later, and they are so happy!!!
 Our big basket continues to amaze us. I have kept it fed and watered, and it has been spectacular! I love how the purple petunias start looking washed out late in the season, but just keep blooming.
And The Bug has had the most fun popping poppers on her impatiens, lol!
 And of course, our very happy pet geranium, Pinky!
She has always produced two different shades of interesting!

Well, that's sixteen sunny day pics, but as some of you know, photographers also use the "sunny sixteen" rule when photographing the moon. This was a seasonal blue moon, so I played with software filters a bit, as well as messing with other fine-tuning adjustments.
 High clouds first night of the full moon
 Autumnal feel to this one!
 Finally, clear sky!
et Rouge!
Morning after...clouds moving in from the west

Of course the full moon always brings wackiness
 The dreaded weresquirrel!!!
 We had to be on constant toad watch when out and about
 And then there's this!!!

Finally, sometimes flying things can disrupt the evening quiet...especially when you live near the home of the USAF's heavy haulers!
 Coming in low
And large!
I think I'm gonna need a bigger citronella candle...


The Bug said...

You are funny. I love our flowers :)

That second moon picture is so bright I was shielding my eyes - ha!

Lowandslow said...

That C-17 is probably coming in a lot faster than it looks. You'd think the jet exhaust would make citronella redundant.


Karen said...

You have become quite a photographer! Is there anything you can't do?

NCmountainwoman said...

We hardly ever see planes in the sky and it's a treat when we do. Glad the squirrel was good for something in planting the sunflower for you.