Saturday, September 14, 2013

Don't Give Up

 September 10, 1813, Oliver Hazard Perry flew a banner like this from his flagship as he engaged the British in the Battle of Lake Erie, near Put-In-Bay. I have adopted this as my personal motto for our struggling university.

 On September 10, after a very long day, I saw my old friend, the Red-tailed Hawk I call Tecumseh
Still watching over the fields of Old Town, site of a Shawnee village

Our bean fields are turning, drying out. Funny how there are random stalks of corn or other weeds in the midst of them
Must be "buckweed" lol! A big White-Tail buck, resting in the field, mid-morning

 They say that 9/11 changed everything, but it did not change the corn
 Nor the beans
 Nor the wildflowers
 On this day of ongoing grief and remembrance, I look to the sunflowers for comfort
 I think of my friend John, who lost his daughter, a flight attendant on one of those planes
 John and his wife have become tireless warriors for peace and reconciliation!
 They inspire me to do more to bring healing and hope to the world

 For Alicia...may light perpetual shine upon her...

 Also, a yellow rose in memory of our departed friend Helen, a teacher and warrior for social justice. She lived a long, full life, working tirelessly even in retirement to serve the flock. Surely she was welcomed home with a loving "well done!"

The moon shining down...reminding me of my smallness in the cosmos

 Friday the 13th holds no horror for me. I was born on a November Friday the 13th many years ago.
 My pun for the day was "I had a very pheasant drive home!"
 So gorgeous! Made my day seeing this couple along the roadside

 I also reveled in the brilliant morning glories!

And this dog and chicken! You just know the border collie is ready to herd the chicken, which so obviously does not wish to be herded :-)

The waxing moon on a gloriously cool September night...a harvest moon for sure

And of course, the Occasional Squirrel, waiting for our own volunteer sunflowers to dry out, I'm sure...after all, he and his little buddies planted them ;-)

Grace and Peace, dear friends

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The Bug said...

Gorgeous pictures dear heart - and you DO bring peace and healing to the world!