Sunday, September 27, 2015

Transitioning to Autumn

 Our lovely roses at school

 Waxing Blood Moon
 Rose of Sharon in pink
Bug's Black-eyed Susan!

Ms. Pinky!

 And friends...
 Ms. Scarlett, our knock-out

 Tomatoes still trying to make, but not enough daylight for them

And the healthy patch of pokeweed in the back corner of a neighbor's yard. Birds love the berries, of course, including our Northern Cardinal family:
 Mama and her kids!
 I think she got her hair did...

I confess I grow weary of the purple droppings in and around the bird bath. Such is life, it seems: we take the crap along with the beauty! Don't forget to see the beauty... 
 I'm sure going to miss these little ones!


The Bug said...

It is lovely out there - and I'm glad that it's berry droppings & not bird murder, which is the first thing I thought when I saw red in the bird bath :)

Marion said...

More gorgeous flowers! It's cloudy here in the swamps, but I'm hoping it clears before the Lunar Eclipse tonight!!! xo

NCmountainwoman said...

Lovely photographs again.