Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Dinner, down on the Farm

Today our parish priest and her husband invited the congregation out to their farm for lunch, a celebration of stewardship in the past year, as well as a time to commit to the coming year...a fitting celebration here in our Ohio, as it is harvest time! Mother L and Mr. P bought a farmhouse and more than enough land for themselves to garden and their dog to play. It is right smack dab in the middle of ongoing commercial farm operations, so each summer they quite literally are surrounded by either corn or soy beans. This year it is corn!

 Nearby barns and silos

 Corn on the stalk, awaiting the combine harvester
 The beautiful "nuisance" Morning Glories!

 L & P have lots of trees in their yard
 Crabapples? I think maybe...I didn't bite into one to see.
 They planted a row of sunflowers visible from the kitchen. I'm sure the birds love them!
Their yard is fun to roam, with an herb garden and tomato plants right out the back door, and various blooming lovelies around the house.
And they have gorgeous white pines!
 I saw several butterflies, and not just the usual cabbage whites and sulfers. 
Here is a  fritillary of some sort!
 I even saw a Monarch! (not pictured...this was as close as I got to a shot of it)
And this battered black swallowtail
I even saw one of these! We had a lovely visit. I'm sure The Bug will post more, possibly even pictures of people. I don't do people.


The Bug said...

It was a lovely day!

NCmountainwoman said...

Such a beautiful place and blessed with sunshine. Wonderful to see the little guys midst the commercial farmers.

Catalyst said...

I wonder why that beautiful morning glory is known as a "nuisance".

Linda Fraser said...

There is a warm, summer feeling radiating from these pictures, even though it is mid October and mid autumn. I love the variety of discoveries you made and I also love that beautiful blue sky. Thank you for sharing these.