Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tis the Season...heh...

Chloe the Flamingo, dressed for the season.
Martha Goose looking witchy!
Ghostie, our new flag! Thanks, Ms. Pat!
Heather looking a bit wicked...heh.
Hickory tree on campus
Maples are looking very pretty!
Hickory leaves
Maple leaves

Love this house!
And so the leaf onslaught begins...
More maples...sigh...so pretty!

And one of our favorite houses...


NCmountainwoman said...

Tis the season indeed. I love the costumes. My Barrie might need a hat or cape. The color is at peak at higher elevations and lovely here as well. Drove to Craggy last week and the sun was shining until we got almost to the visitor center. Then it was so shrouded in fog I could hardly see the road. We're going back tomorrow. Love that Blue Ridge Parkway.

Catalyst said...

You have a weird sense of humor. I like it!

The Bug said...

I guess our house COULD be sillier, but I'm not sure how :)