Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Halloween Bus: Pardon Lemuel While He Screams!

Liz from Musings has given the Poetry Bus a Halloween prompt this week.

Why I Believe
By Lemuel Crouse

A fool
I did not
Believe. Vampires?
They could not exist,
Said I.  But then one called
On me as I lay dreaming,
Unsuspecting, safe in my bed,
Or so I thought.  I ought to have screamed;
I could not even cry...just swoon and die.
Quiet, unsettling cold crept through my veins
As the fiend, sated, smiling, withdrew.
Swift he flew then, lest someone see
Him lingering o'er his prey.
I lost my soul that night.
Hollow, here I stand,
An empty shell,
Living hell,


Jayne said...

Spoooooky..... Happy Halloween!

Argent said...

Ooooh, I like this and I love the shape of it on the page.

Enchanted Oak said...

Dear Sir, Lemuel, Linthead, whatever you prefer,
You did a fantastic piece of work with that complicated form. Not a syllable out of place, not one image awry. You deserve a treat tonight, but unfortunately, the goblins got them all at my place.
Best regards,
Enchanted Oak

Peter Goulding said...

A most arresting form, like Dracula with his cloak held out. Lovely internal rhymes and great fun.

Rachel Fox said...

Another good one! I like the fool/proof mirror image thing. Oooooo (insert ghost noise).

NCmountainwoman said...

That is so frightening in a wonderful chilling way. I especially love that the arrangement of the words forms a coffin. Outstanding!