Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Week That Was

It all started on Sunday at the Renaissance Festival.
We had laughs with old friends Dirk and Guido,

Good music served with our dinner,

And we saw a not so impressive knight.
It was all in good fun...
Just ask the mud-splattered pirate!

I saw a balloon on the way home, to boot!

The work week began in a fog :-)
 Silos rose like castles in the mist,

 But then I witnessed a glorious sunrise!

 Stumpy Squirrel told me it was going to be a good week, if a bit nuts.
Smart squirrel, that Stumpy.
I visited Browne Hall, looking haunted in Autumn,

And each day brought sun streaming through the trees,

Making them blaze with light!

 These were gorgeous October days

 With spectacular sunsets!

The last of the corn stood tall, awaiting harvest.

I sensed that the season of flowers was almost at an end.

After a busy week, Saturday came at last,
 Highlighted by maples bursting with color!

It was a great day for a wagon ride,

Or for feeding goats...

Very spoiled goats

That know how to work a crowd!

There be pumpkins aplenty in these parts

And awesome ice cream!

We saw beautiful horses on a family farm,

And old barns still standing proud,

Waiting on the cows to come home.

Some of the sheep have been shorn,

While others are getting woollier...

If such a thing is possible!

They graze with enthusiasm, though the grass is parched,

Knowing very well that winter soon will come.


Liz said...

Beautiful photos, Mike. I miss those trees.

Jayne said...

Wonderful fall photos... perfect to showcase this time of year as the land gets ready for deep sleep.

altar ego said...

I so enjoyed the tour through your week. Lovely, lovely...

Carolina Linthead said...

Thanks, y'all! I left out the part about midterm exams and faculty meetings...

Carolyn said...

STUMPY! I miss that squirrel. I'm glad to see he's still up to no good. Carrie Ann told me he ran out to greet her the other day, but it's nice to see photographic evidence.