Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Sunday, LC Howls at the Moon

This week's Poetry Bus theme is "meetings, bloody meetings."  Poetry Bus, meet the dark and brooding poet Lemuel Crouse.  Somewhere early on in this process there was an idea of a chance meeting by the light of the moon...yeah, no, didn't work out so well.  Anyway, this is what you get.  Enjoy (or vote me off the island, er, bus ;-)!

Because I Must (Blood Moon)
A Sonnet
By Lemuel Crouse

Hard frost, All Hallows' Eve is drawing nigh;
And leaves, new-fallen, carpet shadowed ways.
The ink well night, my cloak from prying eyes--
Pray, would you now reveal me to their gaze?

I howl at you, my love, because I must;
The wolves howl with me, sensing I am kin.
Behind stout doors the mortals sleep--or rust--
Tight-locked, believing all is safe within.

Obsessed (repressed?), the younger ones go Goth,
As if your glow they first had entertained:
They first to know the primal hunter's wroth,
They first to revel in the wolf's refrain.

As doe-eyed Twilight fangirls squee and swoon,
My thoughts despair of all save you, Blood Moon.

The Poetry Bus is hosted this week by Argent, who gave us the wonderful prompt!  To read more (you won't be sorry!), click here.


NCmountainwoman said...

Beautiful photographs. Fit so well with the poem. Our skies were clear all week and we so much enjoyed the moon.

Argent said...

Wow! A real spine-tingler and very well creafted too!

Niamh B said...

squee is such a lovely word - well done - always in awe of a great sonnet well executed

Rachel Fox said...

Enjoyed this! Nice mix of new and old.

Jinksy said...

Ill met by moonlight, perhaps?

altar ego said...

Fabulous! I can feel the night you describe, and am almost tempted to follow along!

Kat Mortensen said...

Really enjoyed this. "I howl at you my love, because I must;" Around my house, that has a different meaning (usually involving food).


KimQuiltz said...

Your post inspired me to research the Hunter's moon and add it to the deer hunting update I was writing for the outdoors section of the paper. Thank you!

Karen said...

Really nice! Well crafted and just darned good!

Peter Goulding said...

This one had me fooled. All was going well until "go Goth" which was so incongruous it jolted. But then I realised the playfulness of the piece. Cleverly done

Carolina Linthead said...

Thanks, Peter. The first draft was more playful throughout, more of an undead mocking of the Twilight craze. Also, one has been known to howl at the moon regarding American pop culture. This version is darker through the first two quatrains, but the poet could not bring himself actually to feed on foolish younger ones going forth...perhaps later.

Emerging Writer said...

Great, scrawpy vocabulary.

Karen said...

I liked this even better this time around. I admire the word choices and order. The language just fits!