Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh, October!!!

 Harvest Moon waning against the morning sky
It is the season of color
 Decorative Maples ablaze
 Lapping up the sun with tongues of flame
Shaming Oaks into joining the parade
 Purple Aster blooming in the wild
 So frilly, delicate, sensual
 Arranged by nature in stunning bouquets
 With abundant Goldenrod
 Lovely lavender-colored petals fanning out
 Hues of red and green, mingled overhead
 Walnuts, leaves gone yellow, ready to drop
 So much beauty
 Lingering, so precious
 I love sheep
 In case you hadn't heard
 And cows, though this is a bit much...
 Anyway, sky-blue Chicory blossoms
 Brighten the roadsides, still
 As barns and bean fields turn, age
 Back-lit by autumn splendor
 Bits of farms, houses gone
 Still gracing our Ohio
 A land of hardwoods
 And wild-eyed cows
 Cornfields and treelines
Oh, to take it all in, a visual murmuration! 
Sheer bliss.


The Bug said...

Beautious! And silly :)

Lowandslow said...

Wow, what spectacular color! Ours is still a month or so away, and frankly it doesn't compare with yours. Darn! ;)


NCmountainwoman said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for taking us on your October drive through the country.

Jayne said...

Makes me want to grab a sweater and munch on a honeycrisp out under the trees!