Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wide Angle October

I know, I know...
Usually this is what you get.
 But today I decided to widen it out a little...
Give you an expanded view
 Of our beautiful Ohio!
 The colors have been stunning
 The farms and fields spectacular
 Leaves are falling like rain
 Covering the landscape
 Greens are in retreat
 But still bright...
 Autumn splendor
 But far
 From done
 Golden Ginkgo
 Blazing in brief flame
 Underbrush and overstory
All speak boldly!
October in the Heartland!
And still cows stare at me...


Unknown said...

These pictures are so rich and vividly colored in fiery crimsons and golds. There is definitely a sharp contrast between the brilliant foliage and the quiet serenity of the surrounding farmland. The large green pastures provide a sleepy bridge between the leaves and the land. The staring cows reinforce the sleepy quietness that is Ohio. Gorgeous Michael. Thank you. =D

Jayne said...


Rachel Fox said...

You can make the pics bigger on blogger now, I think. Bigger! Bigger!

Nice post.

NCmountainwoman said...

Wondrous autumn photographs! Breath-takingly beautiful.

Lowandslow said...

Your beautiful photos aren't exactly helping me with my 'lack of patience' issues. I want fall here sooooo bad, but so far I've got nuthin'. :(


Catalyst said...

I can see why it's the "heartland". Those colors gladden my heart. Grand photos, Mike.